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Usercord is Usercord Corp's first Social Platform service. Usercord is a Discord profile System where people can give reputation to others, and find friends, and people's connections. Join their Discord server here!
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UMN.one (Usercord Music Network) is the finest LIVE 24/7 Internet Radio Service Listen to DJs, Podcasts & Exclusive Shows on our Network, brought to you exclusively by Usercord Corp. Currently UMN.one has a public Discord Bot which you can install in your Discord Guild today!
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Nightside Records by Usercord Corp is our second music oriented brand, a lifestyle record label group. Putting together the best beats with our first sub-brand called "Nightside Beats". We will continue to expand in the original music market, making our own music & hiring artists and talent.
COMING Q1 2022
Podcast Star by Usercord Corp, is the latest podcasting distribution and production brand for podcasters looking to create a high quality podcast, with value, and a team built behind them that they can trust, to manage and operate the podcast and it's success. From a vast network of partners and more, the plan is vast.
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Usercast, distributed and produced by Podcast Star, is our official Usercord Corp podcast, that will be hosted and streamed on all podcast streaming services in Q1 of 2022! We are excited to have multiple different talent and entertaining content, information on Usercast!
Coming Q1 2022

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